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Washing the wig is not a complicated process, but it is preferable to take into account a few aspects. Washing is done in the sink or in a basin, where you leave the wig in warm or cold water, in which you have previously dissolved shampoo. Then rinse under a gentle stream of water. To keep the hair as soft as possible, you can repeat the steps from before but this time conditioner will be used instead of shampoo. Then place on a towel to remove excess water and let dry on a wig stand.

You will receive more detailed instructions when buying the wig.

The wig is washed as often as it’s needed, but usually after about 30 wears or 4-6 weeks.

No, your hair will be safely tucked under the wig cap, where it is protected. That is why wigs are an excellent alternative to any change of look. Compared to a new haircut, bleaching or dyeing, extensions or interventions with the hair straightener or curler, with a wig your hair will be safe!

Yes! The wigs are made of high quality heat-resistant fibers, so you can use styling tools, such as hair dryer, hair straightener or curler. Note that the maximum temperature allowed is 180 degrees Celsius.

In addition, it should be noted that the curling process takes longer than with natural hair, because you need to keep the curls in the desired shape until they cool, but the hairstyle will take longer.

Wigs are pre-styled, which means that their shape is preserved even after washing or after multiple wear. A wavy wig will stay wavy and a straight wig, straight.

This can be affected if you use styling tools to change its original shape.

No, synthetic wigs cannot be dyed.

Yes, of course! You can always change the length of the wig at the hair salon so that it fits better with your face shape or expectations.

If you choose a wig with bangs, it is even recommended to adjust the bang’s lenght as is is usually longer to accomodate any forehead :).

No, if it is made of special fibers. ESSAVE wigs are made of premium quality Japanese heat-resistant fibers, so the wigs mimic natural hair extremely well. No one will notice that you are wearing a wig!

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